These strops are aimed at the beginner, who is new to straight razor shaving.  They utilise premium quality Latigo, a product of the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Though this fine leather is most often found in my mid-range strops, I am a firm believer that those new to straight razor shaving will benefit from a good leather, which has all the inherent qualities needed to deliver the keenest edge to their razor - even in the hands of a novice.  These 'starter' strops are a basic 'Barbers End' design, and whilst I generally recommend 3" width for beginners, they can also be made in 2.5" width.  Very competitively priced, they offer quality and affordability. The starter strops are available in brown or black, and feature a second surface of natural flax linen (or heavy cotton if in 2.5" width).


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(ABOVE) ~ Westholme 'starter' strop in brown (also available in black)

(ABOVE) ~ Suggested grip for 'Barbers End' strops (entirely down to the individual however - so use the grip you feel most comfortable with)