I am a UK based producer of fine leather strops for straight razors. Whether this is your first introduction to my work, or you are already familiar with it, I hope that you will find all the necessary information you might need in order to decide whether a Westholme strop is for you.  This site is primarily a showcase for my work, giving potential customers a platform to view my strops, enabling decisions on what appearance and design features they may like. One of your most important questions may be "How do I place an order?" - For the time being my site does not have the function of an online shop, so if you wish to discuss purchasing a strop then please message me via the contact form below. I will respond and answer any questions you may have, and we will proceed from there. The Q & A section also answers many commonly asked questions. I look forward to fulfilling your order, and making you the proud owner of a Westholme strop.