The 'joining materials' section of this website is in desperate need of updating, as some of the materials listed are no longer available.  When I run out of a popular material, I always endeavour to find a suitable replacement. Unfortunately I haven't yet found the time to photograph the materials I now have on offer, and update the website.  But I will do this as soon as possible.

For the time being, please refer to the following list:-

MATERIAL                                           AVAILABILITY

Black Latigo                                        In stock

Brown Latigo                                      In stock

Tan Latigo                                           No longer available (Replacement being sought)

Black Calf skin                                   Out of stock

Brown Gator print                             Withdrawn

Red Croc print                                    In stock

Tan Croc print                                    Very low stock (Not enough for handles)

Beige reptile print                             In stock

Pig skin suede                                    No longer available (Replacement being sought)

Brown Nubuck                                   No longer available (Replaced with Outrigger)

Outrigger                                              In stock

Black scale print                                No longer available

Tan reptile print                                 No longer available

Red Croc print (older version)        No longer available (Replaced with new version)