As a consumer, I dislike price increases - particularly sudden ones. Unfortunately, as a 'manufacturer' I have come to realise that material costs are fluid, and ever increasing.

The combination of high worldwide demand, and lower yield of raw material, means Horween Shell Cordovan has increased in price over the last few years. Each Shell now costs me around 35% more than it did two years ago.

Sadly this is a cost that is impossible for me to absorb, so with immediate effect there will be an increase in the price of my Shell Cordovan strops. I have tried to keep them at a competitive level for quite some time, and in the last two years the price has only increased by about £15 (GBP).

Fortunately the quality of individual Horween Shell Cordovan hides remains at the absolute highest of levels.

As always I thank you all for your understanding, and continued patronage.